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Raja Ampat
Eco Lodge

A family lodge with two bungalows and a permaculture garden nestled between a pristine rainforest and reef for those wishing to experience the richness and beauty of nature

Raja Ampat Eco Lodge

Living With and learning from nature

The Raja Ampat Eco Lodge is designed to minimise its footprint on the natural environment and meaningfully contribute to the local economy, communities and conservation efforts.

We've built a permaculture garden in a primary rainforest and protected our reef to encourage others to live with and learn from nature.

Our objective is to inspire local stewardship of this archipelago so it may sustain into the future for generations to come.

Raja Ampat Eco Lodge Rooms

Your Stay

Comfortable accommodation in our family lodge, delicious homemade food and nature at your doorstep in our paradise cove.



Discover rare endemic species of birds and other wildlife, dive in a crystal clear marine sanctuary, learn about permaculture and experience nature like never before.


From permaculture and reef protection to community building, we've developed ecological living practices to inspire others to implement local conservation projects.

Where is Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat is located in Indonesia's Southwest Papua province. Raja ampat means four kings according to local mythology that refers to the four kings who ruled the four island kingdoms of Waigeo, Salawati, Misool and Batanta.

The Raja Ampat Eco Lodge

Our family lodge is located on the southern part of Waigeo island, a 30-minute drive from Waisai town and a 5-minute boat ride from Saporkren village. 

Raja ampat eco lodge ground map forest garden conservation area doodle
"As a family of five.. this eco lodge exceeded our expectations in every way. The lodge’s commitment to eco-friendly practices was evident throughout, creating an environmental conscious atmosphere that we really appreciated."
We pride ourselves on living with nature, learning from its wisdom and sharing it with our community and our guests.
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