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Hugelkultur Garden



Working With the Community

Our approach to engaging the local communities is participatory, educational and relational. It is an exchange of skill and knowledge that is mutually beneficial.


We build trust by involving them meaningfully in the projects we implement that have a positive impact on all of us collectively and the environment.


In this way, we aim to contribute to the local economy by demonstrating the possibility of genuine ecotourism being a sustainable long term way of earning a livelihood.  

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We recruit them in the development of our lodge buildings, permaculture and sustainable infrastructure projects, in transportation of materials and construction.


Local Fisherman

We buy local pelagic fish from local fishermen and inform them of our stance on not buying reef fish to conserve marine resources that are at risk.


Local Horticulturists

  We buy some seeds and grafted trees from local horticulturists, one of whom we recruit to help graft some of our fruit trees in the garden.

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River Sand Collection

We recruit them in river sand collection which there is an abundance of for mixing concrete, and explain to them our stance on not using coastal sand to protect the land from soil erosion.


Bird Conservation

We recruit local birdwatching guides for their expertise on birds in the rainforest.


Shared Utilities

We shared some of our utilities e.g. electricity with our local neighbours who run homestays next door to us.


Wood Sourcing

We buy wood from sustainable sources from local people.

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Activity Guides

We recruit local guides for snorkelling and forest hiking in the nearby coves and islands for their knowledge of the areas.


Reef Protection

We work with our local neighbours to keep watch over the adjacent reefs, and inform local fishermen on why they can’t fish in our waters.

We are in conversation and collaboration with consultants and organisations to facilitate the development of community, social and environmental projects that could benefit Raja Ampat’s people and place.
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