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Hugelkultur Garden

Get Involved

Looking into the Future

We would like to set our lodge as a model to be replicated at other homestays and resorts situated in the area by facilitating our most successful ecological projects, demonstrating our best practices and open sourcing our ideas to reimagine an alternative and sustainable way of living and working in the region.

We’re always on the lookout for people with specialised interest and expertise i.e. consultants, researchers, conservationists, universities, companies, scientists and anyone who wishes to get involved on a tangible grassroots level with sustainability organisations that have substantial know-how, networks and impact.

Keen to Contribute?

We have many ideas of different local social, community and environmental projects that we could facilitate.

·      Vermiculture composting toilet for homestays and villages

·      Stingless bee beekeeping to produce rainforest honey

·      Composite eco-plank production using recycled plastics for use in resort jetties

·      Helping local cacao farmers turn beans into cacao to double profit

·      Cold pressed coconut oil production

·      Trail building program

·      Crown of Thorns starfish (COTs) monitoring program

·      Artificial reef construction and donation with The Sea People

·      Help to revive and support local arts and craftsmanship

·      River clean-ups

·      Community raised garden beds through upcycling of old water tanks

·      Tree planting for carbon offsetting with RARCC

·      Become a pioneer of windsurf, kitesurf or wingfoil in Raja Ampat

If you’re interested or have any capacity on the above, we’d love to hear from you.
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